Anger Management Tool Cards
Anger Management Tool Cards
Anger Management Tool Cards
Anger Management Tool Cards
Anger Management Tool Cards
Anger Management Tool Cards
Anger Management Tool Cards

Anger Management Tool Cards

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As a caregiver, it can be challenging to teach children how to deal with strong or overwhelming emotions. These cards can help!

Help children manage angry feelings in 4 simple steps:

 1. Calm Your Body
 2. Calm Your Mind
 3. Shift Your Focus
 4. Take a Mini-Break

  • Calming and Focus: Features proven techniques used by childcare specialists and therapists to help children manage their feelings and increase their emotional intelligence.

  • Simple but Effective: Presented in an easy-to-follow format that children of all ages can grasp.

  • Colorful and Illustrated: Each of the 50+ cards have an instruction for the child to follow paired with an illustrated example. 

  • Promotes Self-Regulation: All prompts can be done independently to allow children to take ownership and control of their own emotions.

  • Build Lifelong Skills: Teaches universal calming methods that can be beneficial throughout both childhood and adulthood.

Cards Include: Over 50+ cards with conversation starters, and Anger Management tips! 

Ages 4-104
100% Screen-Free Fun

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Mrs. J
United States United States
Classroom Essential

I keep two decks of these in my "time-in corner". Kids get sent there to calm down if they get frustrated or upset and they can play with fidget toys, read a little book, do these cards, etc. These cards and great way to start their time in the corner and most of the time it is all they need. I'd recommend this to any elementary school teacher.

Lilly P.
United States United States
Take 10 Deep Breaths

These cards give breathing exercises, yoga poses, and distraction techniques to use to calm down. Obviously all of the things can be done without the cards but these make it colorful and fun and they also suggest a system of taking 4 cards of different colors and doing each which helps keeps things interesting and easy for the kiddos!

Ryan L.
United States United States
Tools for life

My child doesn't have any anger issues but I grabbed these at a store to see what they were anyways. I think these cards are helpful for anyone- my whole family has started to use them (we call them our calm cards). Mental health is so important to take care of these days so these are great tools to have on hand.

Sadie R.
United States United States
Therapist Recommended- Mom Approved!

My son's therapist recommended we get these cards as a part of his new behavior plan and I think it has been the single most helpful item we've tried. We went over all of the cards together and now when we see his frustration rising we suggest he picks some out on his own and tries them. I think being able to self-manage has helped him a lot. I knew he always wanted to be a clam kid, it turns out he just didn't have the tools to do so. If you have any behavioral problems in your home these are definitely worth a try!