The Perfect Gift for Kids in the Hospital or Recovering at Home.

The Feel Better Collection

How do we bring JOY to sick kids?

What's a Feel Better Kit?

 Boredom Buster! 

Whether recovering from a small cold, broken bone or serious medical trauma- we're here to help! Although we can't make you all better, our Feel Better Collection is here to alleviate one symptom: Boredom! Well-wishing visitors often come with the best of intentions...but the worst of gifts!  Balloons lose their luster in a day, flowers decay and teddy bears collect dust on shelves.  The truth is, hospitalized children, or kids recovering at home, don’t need more things; they need more things to do.


That's why we created the Feel Better Collection. Our team spent two years working in conjunction with child life specialist, therapists and parents to develop the perfect care package for pediatric patients. Each kit contains therapeutic and meaningful activities aimed at filling difficult times with laughter, learning and a sense of normalcy - what children in such situations deserve, and their caregivers desire most.


In addition, for every Feel Better Kit purchased, Open the Joy donates to hospitalized children through our work with the Spread the Joy Foundation. After all, thats why they call us "The Feel Better Company!"

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Spread the Joy!

You buy- we give. Let's spread the joy together!

Open the Joy collaborates with the Spread the Joy Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit that partners with sponsors, donors, corporations and hospitals to distribute Joy Boxes to as many children as possible. As a founding sponsor, Open the Joy contributes to the distribution of over 2000 Joy Boxes a year to hospitalized children across America.  More information about the movement can be found at

Free Resources for Families

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Check out our Caregiver's Corner for all the free resources we offer to help similarly situated families. Download free activities, coloring sheets & boredom busters. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and follow us on social media for helpful articles, uplifting stories, fun activities and a way to connect with other parents enduring this rough chapter in their own lives.


Send in a picture of your child's artwork to be featured on Timmy's Gallery! 

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Why families love us!

Empowering Kids!

Walking around the hospital corridors in her superhero cape, my little one felt so empowered. Kids loose so much of their autonomy in the Hospital and parents are at a complete loss for how to help. That's why I created the Feel Better Collection- to restore hope, love, joy and laughter for kids effected by childhood illnesses.


"Baby, you wear your cape and hold your head high! You got this! "

-Shalini, Founder Open The Joy.

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