Educating the Heart.
Educating the Heart.

Welcome to Open the Joy! We believe that "educating the mind, without educating the heart, is no education at all."- Aristotle

We are determined to educate the hearts of kids. How do we do this? Through our screen free activity kits, designed by therapists, with the intention of bonding families and fostering life skills in kids. Our award-winning kits have found fun and innovative ways of teaching concepts such as forgiveness, empathy and self-confidence, all through hands on fun!

All materials required to complete your EQ building activities come in the kit. Simply "Open the Joy" today, and help build an emotionally balanced tomorrow.

How it works.


Select the perfect activity kit.


Nurture a life skill.


Make kids kinder!

Each box focuses on a different life skill.

Each box focuses on a different life skill.

What You Can Expect
From Open The Joy
What You Can Expect
From Open The Joy

Activites to promote kindess and empathy

Create a stronger bond with your family

Develop motor skills with hands on activities

Build confidence in your child through problem solving

Our Story: One In a Million...

Kid-tested and
Expert approved
Kid-tested and
Expert approved

Designed by therapists

Endorsed by pediatricians

Child play specialist recommended

Loved by kids!

Loved by Kids. Trusted by Hospitals.


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Magic Activity Kit: Build Confidence
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Clay Activity Kit: Foster Expression
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Magic Activity Bag: Build Confidence
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Let's Chat 3-in-1 Portable Conversation Cards
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Origami Activity Bag: Nurture Mindfulness
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S.T.E.A.M. Activity Kit : Encourage Innovation
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"My grandson was hospitalized and I was heartbroken that I couldn't go see him. When he got my gift he called to show off all the cool things that came in it, and I felt like I was there with him!" - Lois M.


"This made gift giving so much easier because of all the wonderful products they have. With so many different activity kits I was able to get something for all the kids in the family!" - Jacqueline J.


"I have attached these to all of my purses so that whenever I am out with the kids, I can always pull these out whenever need be. They always help turning a boring moment or situation into something that is filled with joy and laughter." - Cece L.


"Currently writing this review from the airport. My kids are sitting quietly folding origami and learning new card games & I have never been so grateful for a toy in my life! This activity kit is the best and my new favorite travel companion!" - Kim I.


"These cards are a game changer. We have gotten so much closer to our kids thanks to these cards! They opened up conversations I never thought to have with them. Our bonding experience was taken to another level!!" - Meghan Y.


"This whole kit is great and I LOVE the cards that come with it! My whole family has started to use them (we call them our calm cards). Mental health is so important to take care of so these are great tools to have on hand."-Ryan L.


"I feel helpless that I can't help my niece get through her chemo treatments but I am thrilled that at least I can bring her a smile by sending her a feel better bag filled with games and activities." - David K.


"I got this for my daughter's friend and they went on Zoom to perform magic for their whole class. Even my daughter, who has always been pretty shy, learned a trick to show everyone! A confidence booster for sure!" - Kim I.

Our Story...
Our Story...

Not all stories have fairytale beginnings, in fact, our journey started in a hospital room. My daughter was diagnosed with an incredibly rare childhood disease requiring frequent hospitalizations, and as her mom, I was determined to make sure she was emotionally equipped for journey ahead. I wanted to teach her important life skills such as patience, forgiveness, resilience and self-confidence. I realized that the school curriculum didn't teach this, neither did the toy industry. Nobody was focusing on the emotional intelligence of kids- so I did.

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"We love this company, you will too!"

-Tory Johnson

Open The Joy's Promise:

For every item purchased, we donate a toy designed specifically for hospitalized children, right here in America.

We partner with Spread The Joy 501(C3), to deliver activity kits to sick kids in need.
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