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From one Mother to Another.

Shalini, the eco, and her children at the hospital

Hi! I'm Shalini!

You know the freaking out mom you see on all the packaging? That's me! Five years ago I was an attorney with a husband, two kids & a pretty routine life. Then one day, our world was turned up side down. My youngest child was diagnosed with an incredibly rare disease (1 in a million- why didn't we buy a lottery ticket instead?) and we spent a lot of time at the hospital... I mean a lot. It was depressing, frustrating, scary, draining and by far the hardest thing I've ever dealt with in my life. I realized that while my child's physical health was out of my hands, it was up to me to keep the hospital atmosphere positive for our family. And given that I could barely keep it together myself, how was I supposed to turn this forced "time out" from our lives into a "time in"? Friday nights became "pillow fight night", solar systems were made out of hospital cups and spoons, and tray tables were turned into art centers. I tried my best, but I wish I had more help.

Luckily my little one is much better today, and I've spent the last two years working in consultation with child life specialists, art therapists and other similarly situated caregivers to address the psychological needs of pediatric patients and their caregivers. Open the Joy came to life to provide curated kits filled with therapeutic and educational products to keep families bonding during challenging times. Each kit contains meaningful activities aimed at filling difficult times with laughter, learning, and a sense of normalcy - what children in such situations deserve, and their caregivers desire most.

I am truly sorry that you have found yourself at this site, but hope that we can help you through the challenging situation you find yourself in...even if it's just to provide a smile or two.


Shalini Samtani,

Chef Joy Architect

Open The Joy

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Bring hope, joy, love, and laughter to kids :)

Our mission at Open the Joy is to improve the lives of children suffering or recovering from illness, while also supporting their caregivers and families. Our Feel Better Collection is designed specifically to empower kids by lifting spirits, invoking laughter, healing through art and creating a sense of wonder and awe through magic. We support our mission by partnering with the Spread The Joy Foundation, contributing to the free distribution of Joy Boxes to hospitalized children in America.

To learn more about the foundation or support their work with hospitalized children, visit www.spreadthejoy.org.

our products...

Not just teddy bears and balloons!

feel better kit
Our products are built to bring children fun and entertainment while also providing therapeutic benefits. Children will eagerly open their boxes to find a wide variety of activities to do, from coloring, to magic tricks, to fidget toys, talking cards and more. These items were carefully designed to develop motor skills, reduce stress, build confidence, and provide bonding opportunities for families. Every kit includes an activity booklet containing creative outlets to help children deal with their emotions in between the pages of fun! Whether you select from our classic Feel Better Collection, our specialized activity kits, or any of our other individual products, you are sure to bring your loved one hours of joy! (and peel them off their screens...)
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Actually, I'm sorry you're here.

It feels silly to say "Welcome to our Community" because if you're here, it means that someone you care deeply about isn't feeling so well. Although you didn't choose to sign up for this, we want you to know that Open the Joy is here for you. Check out our caregiver's corner for all the free resources we offer to help similarly situated families. Sign up for our mailing list and follow us on social media for helpful articles, uplifting stories, fun activities and a way to connect with other parents enduring this rough chapter in their own lives.

Download free activities, coloring sheets & boredom busters from our Caregivers Corner.  Send in a picture of your child's artwork to be featured on Timmy's Gallery!