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Caregivers Corner

We're sorry you're here...hope we can help

Welcome to our online resource for parents and caregivers to help navigate the challenges of dealing with an ill child. Caregiver's corner was designed specifically to help caregivers because we know that when you're completely focused on taking care of your child, it's easy to forget to take care of yourself. It's not easy, and we hope these free resources can be of some help. Every child, family and illness is different- so please just take from this as little or as much that can be of use to you.

for caregivers

Talking tips, siblings, PTSD & more

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Resources to aid in communicating with your children, coping tips for the whole family, information on PTSD, and ideas on how to stay positive during this difficult time. It's okay to ask for help, and that's exactly why we are here.

  • Taking Care of You: Put on your oxygen mask first. You can't take care of anyone else if you run out of air.
  • Talking Tips: I can barely wrap my head around this-how do I explain it to my child?

  • Siblings:  Ooops! What do I do with my other children?

  • PTSD: It's much more common than you think. In fact, did you know that 25% of caregivers are diagnosed with PTSD?

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friends and family

We know you want to help - But how?

Helpful guides for the friends and relatives of a family that has a sick or injured child:

blogs and other resources

Read, share & release

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Articles containing tips and tricks on how to navigate childhood illness inside and outside of the hospital. Interviews with pediatric specialists & child therapists, and stories from other caregivers.

  • OneVillage: A community space for anyone navigating cancer to find what they need, when they need it

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fun things to do

Print outs, card games & activity ideas

We know that sometimes the wait at the hospital or in a doctor's office can be long and boring, so we compiled a list of things to do to make that time a little more fun! We upload new things to do often, so check in again! Also- follow us on Instagram for daily jokes, "Would you rather" dilemmas and other talking points to keep you bonding and entertained. ​

  • Coloring Pages: Positive quotes coloring sheets to keep spirits high during wait times. Also, did you know that coloring has many therapeutic benefits?
  • Card Games: Cards have often been used by child life specialist to entertain kids of all ages. Don't underestimate the value of a pack of cards! Please invest in one and keep it in your purse. Click here for a link to classic card games.

  • Activity Sheets:  Find Timmy in an eye-spy at the Zoo! Play a game of "Would you rather" or laugh away to some really funny jokes!