Timmy's Gallery!

Welcome to Timmy's Gallery! I am the curator of this online gallery and am so pleased to feature your beautiful creations! E-mail me a picture of your artwork, including origami pieces, mini coloring posters, paintings, imagine sheets or clay creations at timmy@openthejoy.com and I'd be honored to showcase your work! Feel better soon!

By Sammie

Colored at Overlook Hospital

Age 13

By Shae Samtani

Made while recovering from a cold in Princeton, NJ

Age 8

By Janie Luo

During Chemo Therapy

Age 7

By Ricky Lewis 

Made while home sick from school.

Age 6

By Emma W.

Made During Dialysis

Age 9

By Maddi

Made while visiting a friend whose sister was in the hospital

Age 10

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