The Anger Management Box
The Anger Management Box
The Anger Management Box
The Anger Management Box
The Anger Management Box
The Anger Management Box
The Anger Management Box
The Anger Management Box

The Anger Management Box

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  • Manage anger in 5 easy steps: recognize your anger, control your emotions, understand the causes, face your problems, and reflect on your attitudes.
  • Learning through play: Each step is paired with a fun activity that helps explain the steps to children in age-appropriate ways and helps them grasp and internalize the lessons
  • Complicated emotions - simple activities: Transforms therapeutic concepts into easy to understand activities that children and adults can perform together or independently.
  • Teaches Life-long Skills: Teaches emotional control techniques that are essential to good mental health and that can be used from childhood through adulthood
  • Increase Emotional Maturity: Strengthens conflict-resolution and shows kids how to express their anger in healthy and constructive ways
  • Emotional Intelligence: Promotes emotional intelligence and teaches lifelong self-care skills
  • 5 Engaging Activities: Our lessons on anger management are all taught through engaging play and exploration. The five activities include a building project, a clay "anger monster" project, origami projects, a notepad for self-reflection, and anger management cards that can be used by kids and adults of all ages to learn how to stay calm, focused, and in control.


Kit Includes:

  • 5 instruction cards,
  • 2 tubs of air dry putty
  • Deck of 52 anger management cards
  • 50 sheets assorted color origami paper
  • DIY wooden catapult
  • 50 sheet bad mood buster notepad

Ages 4+

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Jon D.
United States United States
Changed the house atmosphere in under a week

My whole family went through each of these activities as a family. And we got to put the first techniques in action when they fought over who was going to build the catapult. We did one of the 5 activities each day for a week and spent about an hour each time talking through it. You get so much out of this if you sit down with your kids and go over it with them so don't just give it to them, walk away, and expect a change. But if you do put the effort in you WILL see a positive change! My family is living proof!

Marylin K.
United States United States
LOVE the cards inside

I got the anger management cards for my daughter to use in her preschool class and she said all the other teachers on her team have got their own too now! I started a trend!!

Ewelina B.
United States United States
Goodbye Tantrums and Fights!

Say good bye to tantrums! My youngest son was such a handful and I got this out of desperation one day not expecting much, but this has been incredible! It helped not only my son but me as well! They should hand these out to all parents as soon as their kids can talk LOL

Brittney B.
United States United States
The perfect way to teach Emotional Control!!

This explains self-regulation in such a natural way and makes it so easy to teach to my kids. I am very invested in my child's emotional well-being and I am so happy there is finally tangible tools to help foster emotional intelligence