The Kindness Missions Box
The Kindness Missions Box
The Kindness Missions Box
The Kindness Missions Box
The Kindness Missions Box
The Kindness Missions Box
The Kindness Missions Box
The Kindness Missions Box

The Kindness Missions Box

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Good Evening, Agent: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spread joy!
  • Become a Secret Agent of Joy: Join in our mission to spread joy and kindness all across the world! Inside this box are over 50 top-secret kindness missions to complete! Can you complete them all and join the Joy Hall of Fame?
  • Learn the Importance of Kindness: Teaches children the importance of being kind to family, friends, themselves, those around them, and the environment.
  • Promotes Self-Care: Lays an early foundation of self-care by teaching kids that being kind to themselves is just as important as being kind to others.
  • Work alone or assemble a team: Activities and kindness missions can be done independently, as a family, or with a group of friends.
  • Develops Optimistic Outlooks: Practicing daily kindness help kids develop a positive mindset that helps build strong relationships with friends, family, and themselves
  • Emotional Intelligence: Promotes emotional intelligence, empathy, social skills, motivation, and a sense of community in children. 
  • 5 Engaging Activities: Our lessons on kindness are all taught through engaging play and exploration. The five activities include a building project, a clay "friendship pot" project, origami projects, kindness postcards, and a deck of kindness mission cards.
  • Fun and Rewarding Missions: Missions include simple tasks such as “give 5 people a genuine compliment today”, that can be done with little to no adult help to promote independence, and also includes bigger tasks such as "Clean up a local nature trail" that will require more planning but will leave kids with a huge sense of accomplishment.


Kit Includes:

  • 5 instruction cards
  • DIY wooden birdhouse
  • 2 tubs of air-dry clay
  • 50 sheets origami paper in assorted colors
  • Self-care checklist
  • Deck of 56 joy mission cards

Ages 4+

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Danielle B.
United States United States
So cute!!

I can't wait to give this to my daughter for her birthday! She is in a big volunteering/give back phase and asked for donations for the local shelter instead of birthday presents (how cute??) So I thought this would be a great thing for her to open but also keep on theme with what she wants!

Stephanie W.
United States United States
Proud Mama over here!

After doing a few of these missions my daughter started coming up to me beaming and asking "Mom, can we do some kind things today!?". It was such a proud mom moment >3

Mina B.
United States United States
Fantastic Family Bonding!

Who wouldn't want a bit more kindness in the world?? We made it a goal as a family to do one "mission" each weekend for the whole year. We're 4 weeks in so far and each weekend has left us with some great family memories!

Lois M.
United States United States
I've got the kindest secret agent now!

This is so cute! I had my grandkids (7 & 9) for the week and I gave them this on Monday and told them to try to finish the box and the deck inside before Sunday to become top agents. Worked like a charm - they played up the secret agent theme big time and had a blast!! And even did some chores for me which was an unexpected perk!

Bob Z.
United States United States
Make a generation of KIND KIDS

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! We are always teaching kids to be smart, or fast, or quiet but we should be teaching them to be KIND!!