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Stories To Go
Stories To Go

Stories To Go

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Explore morals with Open The Joy’s On The Go story cards that feature classic fables, mixed with modern tales. Then, roll the 4 discussion dice to prompt conversations and follow up questions! 

The purple dice explores the characters feelings and actions.  

The green dice explores the moral of the story.

The blue dice encourages self-reflection by asking how we would act in a similar situation. 

The orange dice reinvents the stories by challenging kids to act, continue or rewrite the ending!

  • CLASSIC STORIES WITH A MODERN TWIST: Listen to re-imagined fables from around the world, and then roll the dice to discuss!
  • ON THE GO: Clip the cards onto your backpack or purse, so you always have a story to read, no matter where you go!
  • BONDING AND SELF REFLECTION: Encourages fun, interesting and challenging conversations that lead to positive self-reflection. 

24 Story Cards, 20 Questions, Prompts and Challenges on 4 Dice, 1 Carabiner Ring