Creator of the Month!

And the Winner is...

"The most beautiful pictures have both darks and lights..."

For the Month of August, Open the Joy teamed up with Eagles Landing Day Camp of East Brunswick, NJ.  The kids were given the task of decorating  box covers, with special medals for the: 1. The Silliest Box: Bound to make kids laugh! 2. The Most Delightful Box : Artistically Amazing! 3. The Most “Out of the Box” Box: Bursting with Creativity!

With almost 60 completely different and unique boxes to choose from, boy was it difficult to decide!


After handing out the medals to several unique designs- the judges awarded Creator of the Month for Open the Joy to the young girl who created the box in the arrangement above that says: “The most beautiful pictures have both darks and lights.” It was beautifully designed, contained a thoughtful message, and was bound to make a child smile! Congratulations to all participants for their hard work and dedication. You’re all spreading JOY!

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Send us your beautiful artwork and we will send you a fun, free gift!