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Feel Lighter Putty- 4 Pack

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Doc Ollie's Fidget Noodle

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Liquid Motion Timer- One Piece

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Liquid Motion Timer- 3 Pack

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Let's add some fidget toys to your box!

Fidget toys bring joy to patients while helping reduce stress and anxiety. 

Our fidget toys are the perfect way to relieve stress. Having a small toy to hold in the palm of your hand is a proven way to keep minds focused, hands busy and calm nerves.  In addition to being fun, these products are great for anxiety, mental focus, ADHD and children with Autism. 

Value Pack Sensory Kit: 9.99

-Feel Lighter Putty (3 pack)

- Doc Ollie Stufie Must Have! 

- Winter Wonderland Room Decor


Now let's add some art supplies to your box!

Art supplies are the gift that keep giving! 

Did you know that different forms of artistic expression such as drawing, painting and manipulating clay have long been used by therapists to get both children and adults to express their emotions? Art allows people to express experiences that are too difficult to put into words, and thus provides an excellent outlet for up feelings. Oh, and its also just really fun!

Value Pack Art Kit: 12.99

-Tri- Comfort Grip Markers (12 pack)

-Mini Coloring Posters (6 Pack)

-Printed Canvas, 12 (5ml)Paints, 2 Brushes


Canvas, 13 Colors 5ml Paint & 2 Brushes

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Set of 12 Tri-Grip Markers

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Create your own Story Book or Comic Adventure- 20 Pages Soft Cover

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Mini Coloring Posters- 6 Pack

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Super Fun Leather Stickers!

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All In One Booklet!

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STEAM with Syringes!

Did you know that medical supplies can also be fun? Build these science kits with syringes!

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Dexterity & Fine Motor Skills!

Magic and Origami are great ways to build motors skills as well as wonder!

 Value Pack Origami Kit:  $3.99

-Origami Instructions

- Origami Paper: 50 Pages/ 6 Colors

-  Super Fun Stickers!


Did you know that once you master the basic skills, origami can promote relaxation and mindfulness? It allows you to calm down, stabilize your mind and forget for a few moments any anxiety you may be experiencing. Through origami, you can  pour your attention into the present moment - one fold at a time.

Origami Set

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Origami Cootie Catcher! Filled with Jokes and Riddles!

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 Value Pack Magic Kit: $3.99

- Magic Instruction Booklet

- Trick Cards 

- Open the Joy Deck

- Magic Wand & Magic Envelope

Magic has several therapeutic benefits including strengthening gross motor skills and refining fine motor skills such as dexterity, eye-motor coordination, speed, accuracy and object manipulation. Magic also has several psychological and cognitive benefits including problem solving, task follow-through, concentration, memorizing, sequencing and organizing. But one of magic’s greatest benefits is the simple awe and sense of wonder that it brings to children and adults alike. What a wonderful way to develop social skills and self-esteem! After all, who doesn’t love magic? 

Let's add some good old laughter therapy to your box!

Haven't you head? Laughter is the best medicine!

 Value Pack Laughter Kit: $8.99

- Set of 54 "Would You Rather" Dilemma Cards

- Cootie Catcher filled with Jokes & Riddles

- Open the Joy Joke Book!


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Nurse's Best Friend (Finger Puppets)!

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